I'm James Campbell, a web developer from Brooklyn, NY. My interest in software started as a senior at Baruch College when I registered for a C++ course and fell absolutely in love with coding. It was all I wanted to do - all day, every day. After graduating with a B.B.A in Entrepreneurship & Management (another area I'm passionate about), I continued coding and discovered a passion for web development. My plan is to deepen my knowledge of software, build my network and eventually launch a startup of my own. Along the way I'm hoping to connect with talented people who really want to make an impact on the world.

About this site

This site was built with Laravel, jQuery, HTML5, CSS and a bit of Bootstrap. The mockups and icons were downloaded from Pixeden and Flaticon, respectively, and I customized them in Photoshop. My contact form is powered by SwiftMailer and Mandrill. All photos were taken by me.